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Our bodies and minds are enigmatically linked to the earth, to the ocean and to each other. Drawing from the earth’s seasonality, our wellness offerings take place in open-air spaces throughout the property, providing a renewed sense of grounding and connection with nature. In taking an integrated and balanced approach to wellness, we offer both private and small group classes to strengthen the physical body as well as workshops to empower the mind.

Booking Wellness Rituals as an Overnight Guest:

After your overnight retreat reservation has been confirmed, you will receive an email with additional information regarding your stay.

Given the intimate size of our property and high level of demand, we anticipate that services may be fully committed during your stay. In advance of your arrival, please review our Wellness Menu and contact Guest Services to reserve your preferred treatments and activities. During peak season, we encourage you to book at least three weeks in advance of your visit to ensure availability.

Booking Wellness Rituals as a Day Guest:

For day guests, wellness rituals must be booked as part of a package with a two-service minimum. Packages are not limited to wellness offerings, and itineraries can include any two offerings from our Wellness Menu. We recommend pairing wellness services with one of our healing arts, fitness, nutrition, spa, or culinary offerings for a truly nourishing experience.

Given the intimate size of our property and high level of demand, we recommend reviewing our Wellness Menu and working with Guest Services to reserve your preferred treatments and activities at your earliest convenience. During peak season, we encourage you to book at least three weeks in advance of your planned visit to ensure availability.

Our Guest Services team is available to offer suggestions based on your personal needs and to help you develop a highly customized experience.

Please view the policies page for deposit and cancellation policies as well as other information regarding your visit.

Healing Arts

Multisensory experiences for receiving light, deep healing and transformation


60 | 90 mins · $250 | $350 | $50 additional guest

An immersive, multisensory experience performed in a sacred space. Weaving together vibrational frequencies from tuning forks, gongs and Himalayan and crystal bowls, you are bathed in an ocean of sound. Balance is restored, bringing the body and mind back into alignment.


60 | 90 mins · $225 | $325

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy is a science-based treatment utilizing various low-range frequencies (between 30 and 120 hertz / pulses per second) subtly introduced to the body through a treatment table. This healthy vibration, results in a beneficial cellular-level response that has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, and pain and discomfort from physical injuries, as well as ease symptom relief from COPD, asthma and related conditions.


75 mins · $275 | $50 additional guest

Our ritual offering is designed to mark an important occasion in your life when you find yourself transitioning from one phase to the next. Use this ritual to mark moments such as the conclusion of a job or relationship, the beginning of a move or the anticipation of a birth. Utilizing meditation, visualization and journaling, forge a new path ahead and set an intention to commit to change. This is a powerful experience designed for those who are ready to explore their truths, illuminate their shadows, and more forward with clarity.


30 mins · $125 | $50 additional guest

A modern tea experience which encourages our guests to foster mindfulness as a daily practice. This multi-sensory ritual focuses on the present moment of reconnecting with yourself and those around you.


75 minutes · $350

Humankind’s oldest form of healing, Shamanic healing has been in practice for over 100,000 years. Our resident Shaman works with restorative energies to guide you towards a state of sacred balance.


60 | 90 mins · $250 | $350

A Japanese energy-balancing technique using our body’s Qi, or universal life force. A practitioner places hands lightly on or over the body to facilitate the healing process, bringing physical, emotional and spiritual planes back to a state of well-being.


60 mins · $250 | $50 additional guest

Practical tools, group sharing and meditation will enable you to reclaim your mind and body.  Join our lead yoga instructor to explore the four pillars of self-care and exactly how they apply to each individual. Discuss the ways we hinder our own well-being and introduce intelligent methods to bring yourself back into a state of balance.


60 mins · $250

A restorative experience to clear and balance the body and mind, combining reiki, sacred oil healing and powerful crystal stones. Whether it be to induce rest, energize or simply heal, our resident crystal expert individually selects and places crystals on the body to help to open inner pathways and restore equilibrium.

60 mins · $400

A restorative experience to clear and balance the body and mind, combining reiki, sacred oil healing and powerful crystal stones. Reset your own equilibrium and open the space to cultivate healing and transformation in your partnership.


60 mins · $250

An intuitive blend of subtle energetic healing and bodywork. Using various tools including plants, sound, touch and talk we harmonize the mind and body. This practice helps align us with our authentic selves, restores energy and facilities a deeper sense of well-being.

75 mins · $450

An intuitive blend of subtle energetic healing and bodywork. Using various tools including plants, sound, touch and talk we harmonize the mind and body. This practice helps align us with our authentic selves and helps us explore a deeper connection with our partner.

Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

Practices to help slow down the breath and quiet the mind; all sessions are highly customized to the individuals needs


30 | 60 | 90 mins · $125 | $225 | $325 | $50 – $75 additional guest

A foundational class touching on all aspects of a well-rounded yoga practice. Pranayama, meditation, chanting and yoga postures challenge and restore your body to its optimal state. Highly customized to the individual’s needs.


30 | 60 mins · $125 | $225 | $50 additional guest

Intuitive movement is a practice that expresses itself through various forms of self massage, free movement and stretching. This requires a trust and willingness to be present with oneself and flow through whatever discomfort may arise to the surface. The core teachings in this technique may be translated to many other areas of one’s life, from diet to relationships.


60 | 90 mins · $225 | $325 | $50 – $75 additional guest

A contemporary take on traditional yoga asana. Fluid, intuitive movement is married to deep, wholesome breathing techniques. This class heightens awareness, intuition, expression and self-acceptance.


60 | 90 mins · $225 | $325 | $50 – $75 additional guest

A hands-on restorative yoga practice focused on parasympathetic activation and inviting  full-body relaxation. Props, essential oils, crystal bowls and physical adjustments are incorporated into this therapeutic experience. Suitable for all levels.


30 | 60 | 90 mins · $125 | $225 | $325 | $50 – $75 additional guest

Designed to meet the specific needs of individuals or small groups. These sessions can touch on many aspects of yoga from philosophy, alignment, pranayama and meditation. These sessions help inspire and integrate into an at home practice.


60 | 90 mins · $225 | $325 | $50 – $75 additional guest

A comprehensive, ancient sequence designed to create harmony in the body. This is a traditional tantric asana practice born from the Trika tradition. Deeply relaxing and equally challenging, this class is suitable for first timers and experienced yogis.


30 | 60 mins · $125 | $225 | $50 additional guest

A supportive space for women during all phases of pregnancy. These classes are both strengthening and relaxing and are designed to meet your unique needs.


30 | 60 mins · $125 | $225 | $50 additional guest

Release stagnant energy and physical blocks that are often inaccessible to our logical minds through the practice of Pranayama, a journey of breathing exercises and techniques that connects us to life force.


30 mins · $125 | $50 additional guest

A simple seated meditation led by one of our resident instructors. Suitable for all levels, it may be customized to the needs and intentions of the individual.


30 mins | 60 mins ·  $125 | $225 | $50 additional guest

Originating from the Bhakti Yoga tradition of India, honoring love and gratitude, this call and response style of chanting uses sound to celebrate the bliss of the moment. Participants are led in learning and singing ancient Sanskrit mantras and are welcome tot chant or meditate to the collective sound.

*30 minutes can be booked as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to other yoga offerings 


Intentional movement offered in open-air spaces throughout the property


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

A fitness methodology based on the core principles of traditional strength and conditioning, gymnastics and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs.



60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

This class aims to make you more connected to your body and its movements. Create awareness around form, asymmetries in the body and tightness or weaknesses.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

A fast-paced class that incorporating deep core stabilizing and strengthening exercises for a complete and full-body workout. Weights, bands and kettlebells are incorporated to improve overall strength and stability.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Strengthen, lengthen and focus on your core in this traditional mat class.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Establish increased strength and flexibility by shifting your focus to the alignment of your body. Learn personalized exercises that provide you with the tools needed to cultivate a stable foundation.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Transform your fitness practice by exploring the connection between your body and core.


60 mins  · $225 | $50 additional guest

Activate your arms and legs by performing a series of targeted exercises.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Improve your body’s stability with a series of high-impact exercises that build on your core strength.


+30 mins · $125 

Investigate your body’s movements and static posture to develop a conditioning plan aimed at realigning your body’s distribution.

+30 mins · $125

Increase flexibility, improve range of motion and shorten recovery time with the personalized assistance of your instructor.

+30 mins · $125

Release tension, flush your system and fuel your muscles more efficiently through a guided series of foam rolling exercises.


Discover food as medicine through hands-on workshops and one-on-one conversations with our resident nutritionist


60 mins • $275

Meet with our resident nutritionist to explore all facets of your life including diet, stress, physical activity, past and familial medical history, as well as current health concerns. A nutrition focused physical exam will measure your weight, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate for a deep analysis of your full body health. Together you will work to uncover the root cause of current dysfunction and develop a personalized plan to help you reach your health goals.


90 minutes · $400

A one-on-one, in-depth nutrition consultation and continued guidance from our resident nutritionist both during and after your stay includes the three below elements:

Nutrition Focused Physical Exam:
This thirty minute consultation will measure your weight, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate for a deep analysis of your full body health. Analyze the physical signs of your body which can be expressed in times of vitamin deficiency and digestive insufficiencies. From here, our nutritionist can gain a deeper understanding of your body’s inner workings and recommend appropriate nutrition and lifestyle changes along with services that should be taken advantage of during your retreat.

Exit Consultation:
This thirty minute consultation will be an opportunity for you to check in and discuss changes made during your retreat and how this will translate into your daily life. Set steps to take towards your health-related goals and leave with a nutrition and lifestyle action plan to take once you get home.

Follow up Consultation:
This thirty minute FaceTime or phone consultation will be scheduled for one week after your retreat. This will serve as a check-in to see how you are adjusting to home life and to discuss what is working and what isn’t. Together you and your nutritionist will adjust and discuss new tools and techniques for reaching your goals.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Navigate the world of blending fruits, vegetables and superfoods and how you can integrate them into your daily routine. Develop an understanding of how juices and smoothies can be used for optimizing hydration, restoring balance and cleansing the body of toxins.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Explore the earliest form of food preservation with an interactive workshop. Learn to ferment your own foods and discover the natural changes that occur during the process. Add nutrients and healthful probiotics into your diet to maximize your gut health and microbiome.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Healthy skin comes from the inside out. Discuss and discover hydration, digestion and why fats are vital to healthy skin. Learn about foods that support collagen production and prevent signs of aging.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Learn about the intricacies of the human digestive system and how your body breaks down food. This workshop will cover full-body health, starting with the gut and microbiome, to learn how to better support your digestive system and promote vitality with supplements and supportive elixirs.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

In this lecture we dive deep into how the brain functions and what influences its health. Explore digestion, blood sugar regulation, physical activity, sleep and stress. Additionally, herbs, foods, and beverages that both support and hinder brain function will be discussed. Walk away with a deeper understanding of how to eat and live for a stronger, sharper, and more adaptive brain.


60 mins · $225 | $50 additional guest

Micronutrients are essential to body development, brain health and immune function. Learn how to prioritize micronutrients in your diet for a lifetime of balance and longevity. Our resident nutritionist will introduce helpful changes to incorporate into your daily life based on your current diet and lifestyle habits.