Shou Sugi Ban House is an open invitation to explore, enjoy, learn and transform. To appreciate the beauty and healing power of nature. To enjoy a passion for life grounded in curiosity. It is a place for serenity and simplicity.

Inspired by a spirit of openness and exploration, Shou Sugi Ban House offers spa, nutrition, fitness and meditation experiences in a holistic, educational setting. We welcome diverse points of view and are especially galvanized by the strength of women and the wisdom of community.

Discreetly luxurious, grounded in common-sense sustainability and a deep love for raw natural beauty, Shou Sugi Ban House is an intimate integrative wellness retreat. We draw on practices from the world’s great wisdom traditions and wherever curiosity leads. Whether an experience is scientific or spiritual, we are dedicated to discovering those that have real value and sharing them in a genuine way.

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We believe in the connection between personal health and planetary well-being. Therefore, a conscious perspective rooted in sustainability informs our design, development, experiential and culinary programming and our operational standards.

This translated into a best-practice approach in green design, construction, energy efficiency and conservation, as we assume a deep commitment to honoring the unique environmental, cultural and human resources of the East End.

We adhere to the timeless principles of common sense and simplicity. Our landscaping is guided by an appreciation for the local environment and the use of native plant species and grasses.

At Shou Sugi Ban House we believe in knowing where your food and medicine come from, and many of the meals and healing tinctures we offer make use of herbs and plants grown on local farms as well as in our gardens.

All buildings are heated and cooled with a geothermal system while solar panels on the barn produce sufficient electricity to significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

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The spirit of Shou Sugi Ban House is collaborative, adaptive and holistic. We believe in strategic altruism and the idea that it’s not only possible, but also essential to protect the character and history of our community and ecosystem.

We are proud to support local cultural institutions, and also have a long-standing focus on the environment. As an integral part of our community, we consider stewardship of the land, air and water to be an essential responsibility. We are equally committed to supporting our local community in a way that is socially conscious and empowering to all involved.

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Amy Cherry-Abitbol, Co-Founder & CEO

Amy Cherry-Abitbol is the creative force behind Shou Sugi Ban House, the first boutique wellness destination in the Hamptons. Guided by a belief that each person walks a unique path to wholeness, Amy set out to establish an innovative experience that blends timeless wellness philosophies with state-of-the-art practices that bring awareness to mind, body and spirit.

Shou Sugi Ban House reflects Amy’s lifelong connection to Japanese culture and her resonance with wabi-sabi sensibilities. Having lived in Japan for many years, she developed an appreciation for minimalism and the healing properties of the natural world. Inspired by the beauty and light of the Hamptons, where she has lived for the past two decades, Amy created Shou Sugi Ban House as a multilayered experience, with design that embodies quiet luxury, and treatments and programming that are tranquil and transcendent.

Kathleen Kapnick, Co-Founder

After spending twelve years in Europe, Kathleen Kapnick became interested in alternative medicine, which is prevalent there. She believes in using food as medicine, embraces all aspects of nutrition, and considers herself a beauty-product enthusiast. Kathleen and Amy met in school, have been friends for many years and shared the vision of creating a wellness sanctuary.

Debbie Kropf, Architect

A longtime Hamptons resident, Debbie Kropf has over 30 years of experience in the field of architecture and planning, specializing in both commercial and residential projects. Shou Sugi Ban House gave Debbie the opportunity to combine her experience in resort architecture and site design with her passion for wellness. Debbie designed each of the spaces at Shou Sugi Ban House considering the effect of the building’s design and construction on the occupants, with the aim of nurturing sustainable and holistic experiences.

Jodie Webber, Creative Director

Jodie Webber’s career as a creative director in design and product development has spanned over 20 years. Looking to expand her horizons, she began studying therapeutic horsemanship in 2012, working with children who have developmental challenges. In this space, she began to observe the multisensory ways in which humans take in the world. This inspired her to intensely study the art of sound healing. In addition, she is a certified aromatherapist and an energy medicine and reiki practitioner.

Jodie brings her keen eye to The House, as well as her multisensory approach to design and healing arts.

Nela Grigoras, Operations

A life enthusiast, Ionela (Nela) Grigoras is driven by her passion for hospitality, culture and travel. After graduating with a BA in Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services, and a Masters in Tourism and Hotel Management, Nela followed her dreams and relocated from Romania to the U.S. For the past nine years, Nela was involved in hotel development projects in Miami as well as commercial real estate projects in New York City.

Nela joined the Shou Sugi Ban House soon after inception, and has been an integral part of every aspect of the project–from research and documentary videography to accounting, operations and project management.

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