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Energy Medicine with Nicholas Pratley

In residence October 12 – 13, November 9 – 10, December 8 – 10

Nicholas Pratley is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapist, Master Energy Practitioner, Breathwork Expert, and founder of SP8CE, who has taught his Biofield Breathwork method to thousands of clients.

With over 20 years experience as a dynamic leader in the field of wellness and transformation, Nicholas Pratley’s mission is to impact the world by reconnecting people to their true personal power and profoundly shifting culture through his body of work, Luminous Energetics.

He is a Master Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, as well as a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator with a background in Chi Gung. His expertise in energy work has led him to seek connections founded in well being, supported by science, and is now a candidate for a Doctorate of Natural Medicine based in Quantum Physics.

His executive leadership includes serving as Chief Cultural Officer of KINRGY by Julianne Hough, launching on national tour with “Oprah 2020: Your Life in Focus.” Heart-centered and loving, Nicholas is originally from Australia where he was raised in a multicultural home to approach his life and work with intention and presence.

Energy Medicine

Luminous Energetics Therapy is a hands-on energetic technique designed to attune and amplify your human electromagnetic biofield – the field of energetic intelligence that surrounds and interpenetrates your human body. This revolutionary process accesses ancient energetic wisdom and allows you to discover, uncover, and experience the super human that lives within us all. Through this treatment you will feel renewed, expansive, and a deep state of peace.

Private Session · 90 mins · $350

Biofield Breathwork

This breathwork experience is designed to expand our human electromagnetic biofield and accelerate our human experience. There are five breaths that correlate with the five layers of the human biofield. These breaths open up our energetic pathways, turning stagnation and inflammation into free-flowing energy. Biofield Breathwork elevates your energy allowing you to feel, understand and trust what you feel within.

Private Session · 90 mins · $350