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Seasonal Fitness


Rebound training effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system, engages muscles, and activates the metabolism of each cell. All sessions will be taught on a bellicon® mini trampoline and this moderate movement promotes the body’s self-healing functions and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Sculpt | 60 mins · $225

Experience weightlessness up to as much as four times normal
g-force, utilizing all 600+ muscles in your body. Your muscles respond to rebounding by alternately flexing and relaxing, strengthening and toning them naturally and efficiently.

Cardio | 60 mins · $225

Challenge your cardiovascular and circulatory systems while elevating your heart rate in a fun and effective way to burn calories and boost metabolism, without putting strain on your joints.

Lymph Flow | 60 mins · $225

Kick start lymphatic flow to help prevent inflammation in the body.


60 mins · $225

Performed in our heated pool, this exercise minimizes stress on the joints while working to strengthen and tone your body. 


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Engage in drills or match play with our tennis instructor on the property’s private hard court. Suitable for all skill levels.