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Nutrition for Longevity

with Charlotte Abbate, MS, CNS, CDN

November 5, 6 & 7 from 6:00 – 7:00pm
Seasonal Dinner to follow at 7:30pm

Dive into food focused longevity in this three-part series with Nutritionist Charlotte Abbate.

Charlotte works closely with clients to offer education and support for sustainable lifestyle changes. Her approach to longevity starts with a whole food diet combined with lifestyle factors like sleep, stress management, and fitness.

Each workshop will be followed by a nutritious, seasonal dinner around our communal table for thoughtful conversation with Charlotte and fellow workshop guests.


Group Workshop & Seasonal Dinner · $235 per person
Taxes and gratuities will be applied at the time of check-out

Sunday, September 24: Fermented Foods for the Microbiome

Learn how to ferment your own foods and how to integrate healthful probiotics and elixirs into your diet.

Education topics may include the microbiome, gut health, optimizing your digestive health, the process of fermentation, immunity, and reducing food waste.

Monday, September 25: Juicing & Blending

Explore the world of blending fruits, vegetables and superfoods and how to include them in your daily routine for maximum hydration, cleansing, and balance.

Education topics may include superfoods, hydration, blood sugar regulation, understanding fiber, and taking a healthy approach to detoxing.

Tuesday, September 26: Better Blood Sugar

Learn how to set-up your plate with a balance of protein, fat, and fiber to maintain your blood sugar throughout the day and explore lifestyle modifications to balance your glucose beyond the plate.

Education topics may include biohacking, glucose, balance, satiety, and understanding symptoms of high and low blood sugar.

Charlotte Abbate, MS, CNS, CDN, is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and a member of the American Nutrition Association. She works closely with clients through education and creating sustainable lifestyle changes. Her approach is born from her passion for real food and nutrition science.

Charlotte was born and raised on the East End of Long Island and spends her free time walking the beaches and exploring local farm stands.