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Human Design with Joanna Rosenthal

In residence January 5 – 7

Joanna Rosenthal is a Holistic Life Coach, Human Design Reader, and a Reiki II and Breathwork facilitator who has spent seven years helping clients strengthen their mind-body dynamic.

Joanna supports both women and men to become healthy leaders in all aspects of their lives. As an intuitive coach, she empowers others to tap into their full potential on their personal, relational, and professional development journey in order to live in harmony. She has helped clients to overcome emotional and physical triggers and ailments, ranging from inflammation and cramping, to burnout and self-doubt.

Her practice includes an in-depth analysis of the physical and emotional states of her clients, while utilizing revolutionary systems that combine science and ancient wisdom. Through this work, the mind-body dynamic is strengthened to help clients discover and enhance their unique life’s purpose.

Human Design Reading

Human Design is a revolutionary system that combines elements of astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbalah, the I Ching, and Vedic teachings. It provides you with a uniquely detailed understanding of how to navigate your life with more clarity, ease, and purpose. This practice taps into your cosmic blueprint based off of your birth date, birth time, and birth location, and offers insight on how to become more aligned within your own personal power. 

In a personalized reading with Joanna, you will gain a holistic understanding of your Human Design chart, along with actionable tips on how to unpack and apply this knowledge in your everyday life.

  • Understand your Human Design profile and how your this defines your purpose in life.
  • Breakdown all aspects of your Human Design type and take home a personal strategy for navigating your chart.
  • Define ways in which you can come into your truest potential in all aspects of your life.

*Please provide your exact birth date, birth time, and birth location for an accurate reading.

Private Session · 75 mins · $250
Taxes and gratuities are applied at the time of check-out