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Crystal Healing with Deborah Marshall

In Residence January 11 – 15

Deborah Marshall is a Certified Crystal Healer and an Advanced Crystal Master. Deborah loves working with the gifts and energy of the Earth, and as a deep empath, she loves helping people to accept and embody their best selves.  After nearly ten years of intentionally working with the healing power of crystals, she received her accreditations from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in 2015, with further studies in 2022.

Crystal Healing

Sacred crystals and oils are placed on the body to help open inner pathways and restore equilibrium.

Private Session · 60 mins · $250

Crystals & Cards

Reflect on signs and symbols through an intuitive reading with cards and sacred crystals.

Private Session · 60 mins · $250

Crystal Ritual Bath

A ritual incorporating sound healing, energy balancing, and the use of sacred crystals while immersed in a soothing bath soak of pink Himalayan salt and organic herbs. Our crystal healer will guide the experience, choosing stones that will harmonize your energy and help manifest personal intentions. *Must wear a bathing suit.

Private Session · 60 mins · $250