2 Adults

Mar Harrsen: July 10 – 17


A metaphysical healer and artist, exploring the spiritual nature of man. She lives closely with the natural world and attributes her wellbeing to the spiritual intelligence and harmony reflected in daily visits to the sea and mountains. Her work incorporates healing through prayer and a gentle process she explains as spiritual regeneration and purification. Her individual treatments are scientific demonstrations of truth and love. Healing is the effect of submerging oneself in soul, where thought is uplifted to a clearer view of spiritual reality. Mar lives and works in Ojai, California and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and The Telegraph.


75 mins · $350

Shamanic Healing is humankind’s oldest form of healing and has been in practice for over 100,000 years. This treatment works with restorative energies to guide you towards a state of sacred balance. In a session with Mar, you will dive into a gentle sea of healing and learning through topics such as metaphysical healing, purification by spirit, and the dissolution of fear.