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Digital Detox

We live in a world that may sometimes feel like we’re being deluged with data. Studies show that exposure to the blue light that emanates from our phones and computers suppresses the natural secretion of melatonin and shifts the body’s circadian rhythms which is proven to interfere with mood, sleep patterns, relationships and overall well-being.

What if you allowed yourself to disconnect and Return to the Simplicity of Self? 

Give your senses a much needed rest by stowing your electronic devices and allow the Shou Sugi Ban House Team to guide you through your stay. Enjoy an integrated daily schedule that encourages time in nature, extra care for your physical body and sensory meditations to quiet the mind.

What’s Included:
  • Accommodations in one of our Guest Studios with fireplace, soaking tub and garden patio
  • Organic Japanese in-room amenities and nightly seasonal soak
  • All-inclusive culinary program, beginning with dinner on arrival date through breakfast on departure date
  • One 30 minute Sensory Meditation
  • One 60 minute Signature Massage of your choice: Edge of Woods, Clear the Path or Roots Unbound 
  • Complimentary drop-off and pick-up in SSBH Teslas at nearby nature walks and beaches
  • SSBH Digital Detox Resource Guide with our recommendations of suggested activities, daily intentions, journal prompts, self-guided meditations and nature walks as well as morning and nighttime routines which will help you tune into the innate wisdom of your mind, body and spirit.
Workshop Descriptions:

Sensory Meditation: A simple seated meditation will help slow down the thinking mind and bring more awareness to the senses. Suitable for all levels and tailored to your specific needs.

Nature Walks: Enjoy the open sky, surrounding waters and the abundance of the East End. Guide your own journey based on the suggestions of your Retreat Host and explore our favorite local beaches, nature walks, guided walking trails and scenic hikes or embark on a customized tour with a local guide, for an additional cost.

Signature Massage: Intentional, functional massage therapies crafted to restore balance and inner strength. Choose from the following options for your 60 minute massage experience: Edge of Woods, Clear the Path or Roots Unbound.

Digital Detox Resource Guide:

Upon arrival to your Guest Studio, our Digital Detox Resource Guide will welcome you on your journey, helping you tune into the innate wisdom of your mind, body and spirit.

This combination of suggested daily activities including daily intention setting, self-guided meditations and journal prompts as well as recommended morning and nighttime routines will help you integrate healthy and mindful practices into your day, redirecting attention away from your device and back to the present moment.