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Gretchen Newman: August 10th – 15th


Herbalist, body worker, and energy healer whose current offerings reflect a ten year journey of gathering techniques from diverse trainings and experiences. She helps her clients connect more deeply to their innate body wisdom through restorative bodywork and sacred beauty, while offering specialized support for reproductive health.


90 mins · $350

A Well-Woman treatment designed to nourish and cleanse the creative power centers of women. Rooted in the practice of Maya Abdominal Therapy, this treatment is best known for addressing misalignment and stagnation within the reproductive and digestive systems. It is a powerful external hands-on therapy that actively supports the healing of abdominal scaring, menstruation ailments, abdominal bloating, and menopausal symptoms, while providing support for enhanced fertility during the conception phase of life. The techniques alleviate tissue congestion and organ constriction which improves the vital flow of energy, blood and lymph, while helping to release energetic and emotional tension stored within the womb and abdomen.


90 mins · $350

A gentle and relaxing full-body lymphatic massage that will bring natural rejuvenation into the lymph system. Using engaging techniques such as acupressure, fire cupping, and energy work, proper lymph flow is encouraged, contributing to a strengthened immune system, a glowing complexion, reduced water retention, and feelings of clarity in mind and body. 



Treatment Enhancement
30 mins · $150

The chest contains the energy of the heart and the deeply emotive energy of the mother. Breast and chest massage is a nourishing treatment that can help support lymphatic flow, facilitate healthy connective tissue, improve circulation, and reduce tenderness. Release tension and embrace compassion, joy, and love.


Treatment Enhancement
30 mins · $125

Herbal yoni steaming stimulates reproductive vitality by effectively warming the pelvic tissues with aromatic herbs which help improve vaginal and uterine health. It is a meditative experience that often instills sensations of relaxation throughout the pelvic bowl, helping you to feel grounded in body and spirit.