2 Adults

Somatic Energy Healing Circle & Ceremony with Lauralee Kelly

November 18 beginning at 5:30pm
Seasonal Dinner to follow at 7:30pm

This very special, one-night group offering will encourage deep listening, initiate clearing, and cultivate harmony within your energetic systems.

Utilizing the breath as the entryway into the chakras and auras, you will practice the art of grounding, rebalancing, and accessing any life lessons that are ready to be seen. This will be an opportunity to experience your own depth, and awaken the soul intelligence that is already inside of you. 

Following the healing ceremony, enjoy a seasonal dinner around our communal table with other guests in the group.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and have your heart open for exploration!


Group Ceremony & Seasonal Dinner · $260 per person
Taxes and gratuities are applied at the time of check-out